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Beginning of a Brand: Cartier Jewelry

The tale of Cartier jewelry starts in Greece, expands in Italy and currently takes place throughout the world. Sotirio Voulgaris was born in a small Greek village where he worked as a silversmith with his father until their shop was burned to the ground in 1873. After that, the father and son team moved to Corfu, Greece for their own safety.

In Corfu, Voulgaris met his future business partner and headed to Naples, Italy to try and put down roots, however, after their store was looted, they ultimately moved to Rome. Soon after, the partners parted ways and Voulgaris opened his own shop in 1884 under the name Cartier. The current flagship store was opened in 1905 with the help of Voulgaris’ sons.

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Over the next several decades, the brand evolved from mainly silver products to more replica Cartier Love jewelry items. After the death of Sotirio in 1932, his sons Giorgio and Constantino formally took over the business. At this time, they remodeled the interiors and changed the logo to CARTIER.

Prior to the 1960s, Cartier was known for replica Cartier Love bracelet, but not for setting trends. However, in the ‘60s, the brand departed from the standard French fashions and started to create their own style that was based on art and architecture.

In the late ‘60s, the third generation — Giorgio’s three sons — took over the business. In the ‘70s, the brothers began to expand internationally, opening a store in New York City in 1970. The brand quickly expanded to locations in Geneva and Paris.

After a half a decade of stagnated growth in the ‘80s, the brand boldly and aggressively expanded even more internationally, opening several new stores and increasing advertising.The company also transitioned from replica Cartier juste un clou jewelry for special occasions to more everyday-wear designs. In the next decade, Cartier fake jewelry would expand into perfume, scarves and neckties, sunglasses and leather goods.