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Cheap cartier love bracelet replica uk I absolutely love Lia Sophia!! The lifetime guarantee and the customer save plan keep me coming back for more and more!! I'm truly honored to be a part of this wonderful company!!

Cheap cartier love bracelet uk I must say I am very disappointed in this policy. First of all, a guarantee is a guarantee - there should be no reason the items should need to be exchanged within a year to begin with. Secondly, if you do need to charge a fee (for return shipping I am assuming), why per item? If they are as small as they are and will be shipped back together, why do you need to collect the $5 twice? I love my pieces that I purchased, but if this is the policy I probably will not purchase anymore in the future.

Cheap cartier jewelry replica A friend of mine was a fan of the jewelry and decided to host a party which had about 20 attendees. I went with an open mind (I have never been to a jewelry party before, though I have been to similar parties), and it was a very disappointing experience. The "professional consultant" who was at the party spent a very long time presenting the Knockoff Cartier jewelry, showing us the different ways to wear pieces (which were so obvious) and babbling on and on. We then played games which I did not find to be very enjoyable or even make sense, and I won one of them. I received a small piece of chocolate. What? We played another game, and my mother won. She received a little velvet sack that apparently is used to carry a very small piece of jewelry. My mother had the best prize of anyone, if that tells you how bad the other prizes were.

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