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True romance: Fake Cartier Love rings real gold

Meaning “you and me” in French, their name alone puts replica Cartier love ring in the running for the most romantic jewel of all time. But what gives this style of fake Cartier love ring the amorous edge is its heritage. Inextricably linked with a love story of historic proportions, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to look at the meaning and significance of this classic design, which is enjoying a popular revival.

Cartier 18K Pink Gold LOVE Ring knockoff Cartier 18K Pink Gold LOVE Ring knockoff

Love to a ring with two gems that sit side by side or close to each other, symbolising two souls becoming one. A classic replica Cartier juste un clou ring features two stones of a similar size and cut, but in recent years designers have been playing with the concept, juxtaposing different motifs and materials, as well as gems.

The tradition of giving replica Cartier love ring real gold to represent the love between two people dates back centuries, but it was one very famous couple and their scandalous relationship that brought the look to the attention of a wider audience. In 1847, Fake Cartier jewellery UK, at the time a revolutionary soldier in the French army, proposed to Louis-Francois Cartier. She married him a mere three weeks later, but Napoleon’s family were fiercely against the union.

An at-the-time shocking six years older than him, Louis-Francois Cartier was also a widow with two children from her previous marriage. But the future Emperor of France was smitten, and it was a love story that has gone down in history as one of the most passionate of all time.